RK Sport

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The manufacturer of the great products featured here

RK Sport manufactures fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods, body upgrades and other sport and performance products. They aim high in their goal of making your vehicle look good and have some of the best customer service in the business. If you find a product on their site they we don't have list please contact us and we will bring it in for you at less than you can import it yourself.

Ram Air Hoods Canada

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Many more custom truck hoods are available at Ram Air Hoods Canada

Although site is dedicated to RK Sport products we also more Ram Air Hoods listed on another site. We also offer ram air hoods from Cervinis, Fibertec and Pro EFX. You can find all of them listed on our ramairhoods.ca website

Cowl Hoods Canada

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Offering the classic looks of a steel cowl induction hood

There are a lot of vehicles that do not have a ram air hood offered for them. In these cases we also sell steel cowl induction hoods. Although a cowl induction hood does not offer the same performance benefit of a functional ram air hood the classic styling will make your truck look great.