RK Sport from Canada

RKSport was born and bred on the race track. It is the offspring of racer and race car builder RK Smith.  His talent on the track combined with his skill as a designer/ builder produced a decade of awards, championships and accolades. It also forged the philosophy and principles on which RKSport was built.

Constant Improvement keeps you in the front of the pack

If you are not improving you are getting passed up. In racing it’s measured in lap times. In business it is measured by product quality, customer service and value. In racing the checkered flag identifies the champion.  In business the customer waves that flag every time he or she chooses you over your competition. When it is all said and done, the customer decides the winner and we take that seriously. Our commitment to constant improvement includes:
All products made in the USA by skilled craftsmen
All materials used represent highest quality available for the job
Developing manufacturing  processes that insure exceptional fitment, style and appearance
A good name is more valuable than silver or gold. RK Sport proudly bears the name of its owner, RK Smith.
Our reputation is something we have been building one customer at a time for over 20 years!
We invite you to check us out. Take a look at our site. Check out the products we make for your ride and don’t hesitate to give us a call if we can be of assistance. If you are not located in Canada please visit the manufacturer's website at

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